Cosmetic Surgery Testimonials Encinitas

Among our primary goals at the Botox Institute is to have satisfied, happy patients. Here’s what they’re saying about Dr. Kaestner:

“I am in my mid-40s and take good care of myself. Recently I noticed that there were some small facial features that were causing me to look my age. I consulted with Dr. Kaestner and she recommended Botox® and fillers. The Botox® made my forehead lines and small crow’s feet disappear. The filler softened my nasal and mouth areas. The end result was that I look subtly younger and fresher. I did not want an unnatural look and Dr. Kaestner seemed to know exactly how much and the correct placement of the Botox® and fillers to refresh me but not turn me into a “plastic Barbie”. I now regularly get compliments on how young I look! I would highly recommend Dr. Kaestner.”

Melissa D., Cardiff, CA

“As a sales professional, the competition is tough out there not only to do well but to look good. Joan has helped me look at least ten years younger with Botox® and Restylane, and it lasts a very long time. For safety, service and caring, Joan is top-notch in my book!”

Mike P., San Diego, CA

“Before having an eyelid lift, I interviewed several doctors throughout Southern California. Dr. Kaestner immediately put me at ease and I felt completely comfortable with her. In my case, I felt that a woman’s touch was exactly what I needed. Since then, I’ve recommended her to many friends, both men and women. She’s the best!”

Jim C., Newport Beach, CA

“I’ve gone to Dr. Kaestner for Restylane, and an eyelid lift, as well as permanent eyeliner and permanent eyebrows. She is an incredibly skilled surgeon with great credentials and I’ve recommended her to everyone I know, including my mother. She makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable and spends a lot of time answering all my questions. Each result has been exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

Diane Y., Carlsbad, CA

“Thanks to Dr. Kaestner, every aspect of my eyelid lift was perfect and pain-free. She’s very professional, yet so relaxed and down-to-earth. Her credentials are impeccable and I never experienced the ‘hard sell’ that so many plastic surgeons seem to do. She’s a real artist, very precise, and is surprisingly affordable. The staff is wonderful too, and they seem to reflect Dr. Kaestner’s positive upbeat attitude.”

Marie S., Del Mar, CA

“Besides being extremely satisfied with my results, I just love that Joan is so professional and really knowledgeable, yet very down-to-earth. I always know she has my best interests at heart-she never tries to push any particular procedure or product, never a ‘hard-sell’ in any way, plus she’s so affordable. I just feel really safe with her.”

Julie S., San Diego, CA

“I’m only 40 and was feeling really old every time I looked in the mirror. After Dr. Kaestner ‘plumped me up’ a little with Restylane, it’s amazing how many compliments I get about my youthful skin! I’m genuinely so pleased with the results. She’s a fantastic physician and she’s the sweetest, most gentle person yet really professional and very knowledgeable. I feel so much better about myself and I’m telling everyone to go to her.”

Tammy J., Del Mar, CA

“For me, Botox® is a miracle! Dr. Kaestner is an expert—I can walk out of her office with no bruising whatsoever and go about my life immediately. An unexpected side benefit is that I no longer get migraine headaches since I’ve been getting Botox®. Dr. Kaestner is a true artist, using her expertise like painting a picture to make me look better.”

Amelia C., Cardiff, CA

“Dr. Kaestner always makes me feel so comfortable. She’s extremely gentle and I never have any bruising afterwards. I happen to work for another ophthalmologist who also does Botox®, but I’d choose Dr. Kaestner any day. My husband loves my new look because it’s really subtle yet completely natural looking.”

Debby N., Carlsbad, CA

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