Restylane Kysse

Enhancing Lip Volume and Minimizing Lines Above the Upper Lip

Restylane® Kysse is a new FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) lip filler designed to enhance lip volume and minimize the appearance of fine lines above the upper lip with a natural look and feel. Restylane Kysse is the first HA lip filler formulated with XpresHAn Technology™ (pronounced ex-‘spre-shan’). XpresHAn Technology™ is designed for excellent tissue integration that allows individuals to maintain
their natural-looking expressions.

What to expect

• Natural-looking, full, softer, and more kissable lips
• Improved texture
• Improved lip color
• Results clinically proven to last up to 1 year

Comprehensive clinical package

Restylane Kysse was evaluated in multiple clinical studies—a pivotal Phase 3 active comparator study, a European supportive active comparator study evaluating Restylane Kysse versus the control, as well as a Phase 4 study evaluating naturalness of expression, patient satisfaction, and novel claims around partner satisfaction.

All commonly reported adverse events (AEs) in the Restylane Kysse group were mild in intensity compared to the control group where majority of the late onset events were assessed as moderate in intensity. The most common temporary side effects include bruising, masses and nodules, hypersensitivity, redness, and swelling at the injection site. To learn more about serious but rare side effects and full Important Safety Information, visit

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